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2014-10-10 12:32:00

Congratulations on the 2014 Taipei International Electronics Fair Longwei group won the first battle

October 6-9, 2014 for four days on both sides of the Taipei Strait International Electronics Fair held in Taiwan Taipei City, Taipei Strait International E-commerce Expo in Taiwan is the most authoritative and most electronic industry representative, can achieve one-stop procurement, one of the most professional exhibition. Dragonway Group Holdings Limited is honored as exhibitors participated in the exhibition.
In the electronics industry the professional exhibition, Dragonway group not only in the same industry fully demonstrated the company's products, and with customers face-to-face contact to a lot of friendly exchanges, with the intention of customers, more clear customer concerns and needs of customers of the company's products very interested, hope to further in-depth negotiations with the company. At the same time, we also see the shortcomings of our company from the exhibitors of the same industry. We should learn more from other companies and try our best to improve the scientific and technological content and competitive advantage of our products. Through the unity, cooperation and joint efforts of the company colleagues, the exhibition has achieved good results, and achieved the desired goal.
Maybe a lot of orders can't be received immediately from an exhibition. However, the improvement of product development and customer follow-up communication, many companies in the same industry for information exchange, and actively play the office of intelligence and technology, I believe we will get more gratifying achievements!
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